Week 9 Players of the Week

In DeMatha’s 31-21 win over Gonzaga, the entire team came together for an important victory. Leadership was on full display, as was the skill and precision of the Stags team. But Coach Elijah Brooks wanted to specifically highlight the play of three players in the win.

Offensive Player of the Week – #3 QB Jamal Robinson: 10-20 176 yards 1 TD

dematha_HS_0006“Jamal’s performance on senior night was incredible. Stepping in and giving his team that type of lift just shows you how talented he is.”


Defensive Player of the Week – #25 Safety Sean Doyle: 8 tackles

dematha_HS_0061“Another senior who helped hold Gonzaga to 87 yards rushing and 74 yards passing.”

Special Teams Player of the Week – #55 Kicker/Punter Derrick Graham: 4/4 on PAT’s, 1/1 FG, 50 yd punt,1 successful onside recovery

dematha_HS_0121“Derrick was another senior who brought his A-game versus Gonzaga. His field goal to put us ahead 24-21 late was a huge boost in momentum.”

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