Week 4: Players of the Week

Coach Brooks picked three players that stood out in DeMatha’s 41-6 win over St. Frances.

Offensive Player of the Week: #36 Austin Tuck – Senior fullback  dematha_HS_0088 

Tuck has been starting the past couple games at fullback. He’s done a phenomenal job blocking and catching the football, but we needed to fill some holes on the offensive line, and he played FB and offensive guard. He switched numbers throughout the game. He’s maybe someone that a spectator might not have noticed, but he played a tremendous part in the win on Friday. It was big for us.

Defensive Player of the Week: #75 Terrance Davis – Sophomore defensive lineman

dematha_HS_0162Davis finished the game with 7 tackles, 3 for loss, he just was a big player for us. He brought energy, helped stop the run, and also plays the offensive line. He’s a stud. 

Special Teams Player of the Week: #44 Bain Schroeder – Senior long snapper

dematha_HS_0099He was perfect on long snaps, extra point snaps. You don’t appreciate how valuable a long snapper is until you have a blocked punt, like we did against St. Frances. He did a phenomenal job for us.

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